Whole Person Care Begins With Mental Health

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Larry Ford, DBH, LBHP, BC

Your Trusted Mental Health Partner
Discreet | Dynamic | Doctor of Behavioral Health

Founder | Hands to Guide You

CELL: 405.437.6552

The Ford Philosophy
Whole Person Care begins with Mental Health
“Without mental health there is no health.”

Philosophy + Passion
Research has shown that the mind and body are connected. When a person feels sad and blue, it can impact their energy level, motivation to participate in treatment, and negatively impact outcomes, such as improving independent functioning. To achieve desired outcomes, it is essential to support the patient’s emotional health as well as their physical health. Dr. Ford is devoted to his patients and committed to delivering integrated care.

The Facts

On and off the court – stress occurs. In and off-season – life happens. Nurturing physical, mental, and emotional (good) health requires a delicate balance between varying situations and ever-evolving circumstances. Like that trey in basketball: focus, finesse and fortitude come into play, every day, no matter what. That is a promise.

Dr. Ford partners with you to implement a game plan, a strategy that fosters being real – authentic and true to one’s self. Dr. Ford believes in whole-person care and that seeking the advice of professionals when it comes to one’s health is key in producing well-being. Dr. Ford is changing the way the world experiences healthcare and delivering successful outcomes. Integrated care: It’s a slam dunk!


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What to Expect

1. Open dialogue in a safe, discreet & private environment.
2. Next? Drawing on his educational background and professional experience Dr. Ford will assess, diagnose, and implement a game plan.
3. 24/7 private telehealth (virtual online) services available. (Dedicated appointment scheduler for athletes exclusively.)
4. 24/7 access to Dr. Ford, via text, mobile or chat for emergencies available. (Dedicated cell # for athletes only. Unpublished to the public.)
5. Personal one-to-one visits available (will travel, exclusively for athletes only, contact Dr. Ford directly.)


Each athlete is unique, and every individual is provided an initial consultation, followed by an assessment, and customized game plan for treatment. Fees are based on the extent of the framework of the treatment plan. Annual Membership is also available. Concierge services & fees discussed privately.


Dr. Ford’s goal for YOU: A fruitful outcome, so that after a while, visits are simply to check in and celebrate your milestones